What is Minimalist Poetry?


Delving into the world of literary brevity, minimalist poetry emerges as a profound form of expression. In this exploration, we discuss the characteristics of minimalist poetry, share examples from some of our favorite poets, and give you a few tips to get started.

Key Elements of Minimalist Poetry

Minimalist poetry is defined by its reduction of words, emphasis on simplicity, and focus on essential themes or emotions, stands as a testament to the beauty found in the concise.

Some more well known styles of poetry may also be considered minimalist, such as the haiku.

Characteristics of Minimalist Poems

Scrutinizing the distinguishing features of minimalist poems, we uncover a few key characteristics, including:

  • Conciseness
  • Playfulness of form such as the strategic use of white spaces
  • Impact of everyday language

Examples of Minimalist Poetry

For some examples of minimalist poetry, we’ve taken to Instagram. Here are some of our favorite Instagram poets who excel at minimalism.

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Jared Meland of @melandwords

Read our interview with Jared Meland, poet and founder of Poetry Rise.

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April Hill Writing of @aprilhillwriting

Follow on Instagram here and explore their website.
Our Editor’s Take

“I love how April Hill Writing’s combines short form minimalist poetry with imagery. It’s another simple way to get reader’s to pause. Their illustrations are thoughtfully done, and I recommend checking out their Instagram feed.” – R. R. Noall

Writing Tips for Minimalist Poetry

The truth is, minimalist poetry can be about anything. This gives you the opportunity to thoughtfully explore any topic in a brief and profound way.

1.) Write about your passions

Let’s say you wake up one day and feel inspired by the sun. Use the word, “sun” or aspects of light, in a short poem. This exercise can be applied to any topic.

2.) Play with spacing

If you’re writing a minimalist poem about outer space, think about how you might play with line or word spacing. For example,

The planets a l i g n e d

so you and i could

be destined.

R. R. Noall (From Whispers to Roars’ editor)

The spacing out of the word “aligned” makes readers pause, creating tension in a poem only ten words long. Pretty cool, right?


In conclusion, we recap the journey, reaffirming the enduring significance and versatile nature of minimalist poetry as a powerful and impactful form of literary expression.

Have you written a minimalist poem you’re proud of? Submit it here.

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