15 Ways For Writers To Get Inspired

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Being a writer can be exhausting. Where do all of those ideas come from anyway? Getting inspired is just plain difficult. Whether you’ve had a long day at the 9-5, or find yourself in a creative slump, putting a pen to paper can seem impossible. Here are 15 ways for writers to get inspired.

15 Tips for Writers to Get Inspired

1. Go outside.

Do anything in the outdoors – it will refresh you! 

2. Make a playlist of your favorite songs 

Music is incredibly inspiring. Someone wrote those amazing lyrics, right? Listening to your favorite songs can spark memories or bring about feelings that will get your creative juices flowing. 

3. Volunteer 

Not only is volunteering incredibly rewarding and helpful to the community, but you’re sure to meet some amazing people. Looking for your next protagonist? You might just find them here. 

4. Get acquainted with what you’re writing about 

Trying to set a scene in a busy park? Go to one. Having trouble navigating a fight scene? Get tickets to a local MMA fight. Trying to figure out how a crime scene might look? Do some research and contact your local police department so you can ask a few questions. Being proactive when you’re not inspired can be inspiring in itself.  

5. Read 

Most writers agree that reading is as important as the practice of writing. Take the time to work through the stack of books you’ve been stock-piling. Let your favorite authors inspire you.

6. Watch old films 

Old films are not about the special effects. Rather, they’re about character development. Writers notoriously struggle with this aspect of writing. Sit down with some popcorn, and get watching!

7. Visit an abandoned place

Finding an abandoned place near you is probably easier than you might think. Do a little research, bring a notebook, and explore a place that once was. Imagining what and who used to be there will have your imagination running. 

8. Go to a concert – any concert

Go to a concert. Whether you can snag tickets to see an old favorite or just walk into a nearby venue on a Friday night, go. Concert attendees come from every walk of life, and their conversations, dancing, and singing will surely inspire you. 

9. Travel alone 

Traveling alone can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Oftentimes, this kind of experience can lead you to a new understanding of yourself, your needs, and your own creativity. Also, a new destination will inspire your writing as well. 

10. Find a new place to write 

Getting stuck in a routine can dampen your creativity. Find a new place to write – a place you’ve never been before. The change of scene will be distracting at first, but will also provide you will an invigorated sense of purpose.  

11. Observe people in a public place, distraction-free 

Go to a park, the city-center, or a shopping mall. Sit there and observe what is happening around you for an hour. No phone, no music, no distractions. This practice of observation and patience will get your pen moving as soon as you leave. 

12. Talk to other writers 

Put your pen down, and talk to other writers. Join a writing community (like this one!). Read someone else’s work and provide feedback. Learning about the writing and creative processes of others will light a fire under you.  

13. Review your writing goals and the steps you’re taking to get there 

Writing in itself is a practice. Achieving your goals is a whole other ballgame. Write down your list and the steps it will take to conquer them. Are you working your way there now, or did you get distracted along the way? This practice will refocus you, your writing, and your creative process. 

14. Take a class 

It could be a writing class or on a subject you’ve always been interested in. Regardless, learning stimulates the creative hubs in our brains, making a learning environment the perfect place to get inspired.  

15. Re-read your favorite pieces of writing 

So often, writers focus on what they’re doing wrong. Grab your favorite pieces of writing, the ones you’re most proud of, and read them again. Remind yourself that you’re moving in a good direction, and of all the growth you’ve made as a writer.  

Now, go write!  

These 15 ways for writers to get inspired will help you to find your creativity again. In practice, these are all very practical things that you can do today to inspire your writing.  

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