Tips to Improve Your Figure Drawing

a person sketching in a notebook

You like to draw and want to improve your pencil stroke? 

Drawing can be a real talent for some people. But, most of the time, it is something that can be learned. 

Here are a few tips to put into practice to make rapid progress in drawing.

2 Simple Ways to Improve Figure Drawing

Start with simple sketches.

To progress is to advance little by little. To improve your pencil stroke, start by making simple sketches. Pay attention to the basic shapes of the sketch. Don’t try to draw every detail. Also, make a light sketch by drawing your design without pressing too hard. 

This allows you to erase unsuitable lines easily. To do this, try to keep your pencil away from the lead. You can also use figurines such as those available at Body Kun Dolls to make your sketches. There you will see body kun and body chan figures.

These are articulated mannequins that prove to be a great help to both apprentice and experienced drafters.

a practice figure drawing beside a model

These figures have 30 joints. This allows you to manipulate them as you wish to make realistic postures.

Do you want to draw a man kicking, a woman sitting cross-legged? 

Just put your body chan or body kun in the position you want to reproduce. The body chan DX Set has extra hands and other accessories to improve your sketches even more. 

From this sketch, you can then customize your drawings with colors, other features, etc. Use a more robust pencil to highlight essential lines in your drawings. Varying the intensity of your strokes will create an impression of volume. Add hatching to embellish your sketch. 

If you mainly want to draw manga, these figures will be your best allies. Forget about your wooden mannequins. Follow the trend and reproduce a variety of designs with body kun and body chan figures.

Draw regularly

It is a practice that will allow you to progress quickly. Keep your drawing pad and pencil with you, and whenever you have the opportunity, draw. Don’t be afraid to ruin your drawing sheet. It is by making mistakes that you will progress. Try not to make the same mistakes again. This prevents you from improving your pencil stroke. 

To make fewer mistakes, imagine your line before you draw it.Then try to draw quickly. This prevents you from getting lost in the details. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on the eyebrow arch to make it perfect.

Moreover, by drawing quickly, you will be able to make a lot of drawings. You should be able to sketch in 30 seconds. Make a lot of quick sketches. These are the basis of all drawings. You can then take a little more time to add other elements to your drawing.

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