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R. R. Noall is the founding editor of From Whispers to Roars. She is a Denver-based writer, and earned her MA in poetry from the University of Denver. Noall’s experience as a published writer and English professor inspired her to find new ways to connect with fellow creatives, and From Whispers to Roars was born.

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Second Person Point of View, defined and discussed by From Whispers to Roars

Second-Person Point of View (POV)

Embarking on a literary journey often involves navigating the diverse narrative perspectives. Among these, the second-person point of view…

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Jeremiah Gilbert featured image

Jeremiah Gilbert

Jeremiah Gilbert Biography Jeremiah Gilbert is an award-winning photographer and travel writer based out of…

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Damian Robb

Damian Robb Biography Damian is a writer who works freelance within the television, podcasting, and…

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SR Garrae

SR Garrae Biography SR Garrae grew up in Scotland and then worked in international finance…

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Janet M. Powers

Janet M. Powers Biography Janet M. Powers, Professor Emerita, Gettysburg College, taught South Asian literature…

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Russell E Willis

Russell E Willis Biography Russell Willis emerged as a poet in 2019 with the publication…

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Learn about sound devices in poetry from From Whispers to Roars, a literary magazine.

Sound Devices in Poetry

With its intricate dance of words, poetry often transcends the boundaries of common language. At…

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Poetic Imagery

Poetic Imagery

Do you want to make your poetry more life-like, descriptive, and captivating? Consider using imagery….

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what is free verse poetry?

What is Free Verse Poetry?

Throughout history, poetry—a kind of artistic expression that has endured—has evolved, breaking free from the…

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