EX-IQ & NoteCast: FWTR's Latest Partner

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with EX-IQ.

EX-IQ creates revolutionary desktop and mobile applications, which facilitate more efficient learning on-the-go.  Without the support of businesses like EX-IQ, we wouldn’t be able to provide our community with resources or produce our publications - we’re thrilled to introduce our community to an organization that helps to make every day life, learning, and leisure more productive.

EX-IQ’s NoteCast Makes Learning from Podcasts Easier

If you listen to podcasts, you’re going to want to hear this! EX-IQ just released their latest app, NoteCast.

NoteCast makes listening and learning from your favorite podcasts more efficient.

But how?

Using voice and manual commands, NoteCast saves snippets of what you’ve heard and want to remember. The app actually transcribes the podcast for you (WHATTT), and saves it into a note.

Never again will you have to scramble for a piece of paper to copy down something you’ve heard. You can literally go for a run and take notes on a podcast with NoteCast.

You can also add tags and categories to your notes, makes organizing them incredibly easy.

EX-IQ calls these ‘aha’ moments, and we think that’s pretty rad because creative individuals tend to have a lot of those.

Whether you’re enjoying podcasts for fun or to develop your writing and art, NoteCast is a must-have.

NoteCast is for Podcast Lovers Everywhere

You should definitely thank EX-IQ for their generous support of FWTR. Along the way, you should download their new app.

You can find NoteCast on the App and Android stores now: