10 Unique Gifts for Writers

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you may be wondering what to get the writer in your life. Keep them inspired, fueled, and ready to create. These are 10 unique gifts for writers.

1.) Messenger Bag

This waterproof messenger bag is perfect for the writer on the go! Great for travel, days spent at coffee shops, and late-night writing sessions.

2.) "Be Careful, or You'll End up in My Novel" T-Shirt

It's true! Writers love using their friends, family, and enemies as character inspiration. This t-shirt acts as a unique gift for writers, as well as a friendly warning!

3.) Banned Books Socks

Readers and writers alike love reflecting on the history of literary texts. These socks, featuring banned books like "Song of Solomon" and "The Great Gatsby" will be a hit for the writer in your life. They also come in tons of colors!

4.) Eco-friendly Cork Notebook

Writers love their notebooks. This notebook is lightweight, and made of cork, making it a unique gift for the writer in your life!

5.) Shakespearean Insults Poster

Shakespeare not only left us with many masterpieces but also a whole new world of insults! This is a gift for writers that keeps on giving - be prepared to hear some amazing insults!

This poster features fun wordplay. Great for the office or a writer's nook.

6.) Classic Fountain Pen

This fountain pen is great for writers who like to journal or practice calligraphy. Fun for letter writing, new projects, or simply a brainstorm session. This pen writes smoothly, with comfort in mind, and even comes in a delightful box.

7.) The Writers Toolbox

Sometimes, writers experience writer's block. It's the worst, but luckily, this gift helps to stimulate those creative juices.

This book contains dozens of exercises to help writers develop and practice their craft.

8.) Enamel Pin

Writer's love pins and Jane Austen. This pin features a quote from one of the greats, reading "A good book is always too short." Perfect for jean jackets, tote bags, and backpacks.

9.) Banana Grams

A fun word game! What could make for a better gift for writers? Great for writers workshops, brainstorm sessions, and extra inspiration.

10.) Novel Teas

Yes, you read that correctly. Tea and literary quotes - this gift will keep your writers hydrated and motivated. This includes 25 bags of English breakfast tea!

Unique Gifts for Writers

It’s official, you’re about to be the best friend a writer could have. These 10 gifts for writers will keep you writer friends happy and most importantly, writing.

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